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LaShaundria will deliver a powerful passionate message that is tailored to the needs of her client and listening audience. Armed with a sense of purpose and deep unstoppable desire to touch the hearts, ignite the spirits and transform the mindsets of her audience. She not only encourages them to believe they can but also to take action towards creating positive change in their life.


Lashaundria works with non profit organizations and business owners to deliver high energy messages that are tailored to the company needs. Her messages are delivered with such passion and conviction that it leaves her audiences captivated.  


LaShaundria works with schools and at risk youth to keep them on track and foster high performance. She encourages kids to thrive academically and socially and  how to bounce back from tough situations. LaShaundria places heavy emphasis on the connection between their current behavior and future goals. She provides invaluable information and tips that inspires school kids to focus on creating a plan for success. LaShaundria is committed to preparing them for their best chance of success.  


LaShaundria is a transparent authentic motivational speaker. Her inspiring story of how she overcame many life challenges captivates her audience and motivates them to create positive change. She works to show inmates and parolees how to get reintegrated into society and create productive lifestyles for themselves. LaShaundria delivers high energy messages that equips inmates with strategies and techniques to assist them in turning their lives around.

 speaking topics 

Motivation -Inspiration -Tough Times -Change

-Overcoming Obstacles -Overcoming Adversity -Personal Growth


“LaShaundria has gone through the storms of life and has lived to tell it and has decided that she's going to live her life as an example of evidence that we all can change at any given moment."

Les Brown/ World Renowned Speaker/ Author

"This book was an extremely captivating read. A true page turner from start to finish. I loved that this book was full of the authors personal story of turning tragedy into triumph. The book is full of powerful encouraging words and motivational quotes. I highly recommend the When/Win Approach to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. This book provides the tools necessary to manifest greatness in your own personal life. Great job & much continued success in all of your future endeavors! "

Omar Aqueelah Dames / Motivational Speakers

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