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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and former student of BBBS's CEO Stacey Watson-Mesley, Author LaShaundria Coleman.

Through LaShaundria's story, speaking and writing, hundreds of youth were inspired to unleash their full potential and pursue the dreams and goals they have set for themselves. LaShaundria's story not only made impressions on our youth but also on the hearts of educators, non-profit professionals, BBBS Mentors, Members and team members. 

"Mentors are essential in every stage of life, but when we are at our most vulnerable moments those relationships can be part of truly helping others make life-changing decisions; our agency is built on that belief and LaShaundria and I are both positive results of a series of mentors who took the time to believe in us. As this fearless and talented writer and speaker shared her story with youth in all three counties we serve, I felt so honored to be a part of this authentic and profound connection to our community," said CEO, Stacey Watson-Mesley.

Thank you to Performance Based Preparatory Academy, Sunshine Kitchen, Gifford Youth Achievement Center, Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of Indian River County, Children's Services Council of St. Lucie County, Crossover Mission Inc, TrueCore Behavioral Solutions (Okeechobee) for welcoming LaShaundria and BBBS to reach children in our tri-county!

"When organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters hold themselves accountable to ignite, empower and defend the potential of youth, together we all experience inspiring, impactful moments like we did this week. We were able to make a big difference and everyone won. The When|Win approach in action!" - Author, LaShaundria Coleman

Thank you LaShaundria for the work you do to inspire and motivate others!

Click this video to watch students releasing their FULL POTENTIAL!

Debbie Hawley, BBBS COO, Susan Seal, Performance Based Preparatory Academy Principal, LaShaundria Coleman, Author of When|Win Approach, Stacey Watson-Mesley, BBBS CEO

Performance Based Preparatory Academy 

Gifford Youth Achievement Center

Boys and Girls Club of Indian River County (Fellsmere Club) 

Boys and Girls Club of Indian River County (Fellsmere Club) 

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